Shakespeare once wrote, “If music be the food of love, play on.” Mortimer’s wants to feed your soul with music. Beyond ‘old fashioned service,’ music is at the core of what we do. We believe that music has the ability to change your mood, to enhance your experience, and to keep you happy! That’s why we exist and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

We offer LIVE MUSIC every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday! Occassioanly on Fridays, we have special tribute performances and other unique events!


Biographies of Our Favorite Music Men

Caleb Davis

A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Caleb is a local guitar master and is as easy on the eyes as he is on the mic. His roots grow from soul traditions but his set list covers everything from Stevie Ray Vaughan to Pink Floyd to Aretha Franklin. Caleb and his drummer boys (Laramey and DeWarren) bring soul, creativity, and R&B flair to Mortimer’s with every visit!
Mortimer’s staff loves Caleb and if you’ve seen him play, you’ll know why. Not only is he an incredible musician, he’s got that country boy charm and a smile that will knock you off your feet (or make you want to hide your wife). Don’t worry guys, Caleb’s taken, so your lady is safe!

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Jay Mathey

Local singer/guitar player, Jay Mathey, throws a party like no one Mortimer’s has ever seen! He’s been with us almost every Tuesday night since we opened our doors in March of 2010. He’s got a dynamic presence on stage and isn’t afraid to get involved with the crowd.  “New people walking in the bar,” is heard loud and proud, booming from Jay’s soulful voice each time someone new pops into Mortimer’s. Don’t be scared, he means no harm; he might even have some compliments to throw your way mid-song.

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John Earle

Hailing from the distant land of Jacksonville, Florida, John Earle has quickly made his way into the Charlotte music scene. John and his band mates, Kyle and Brent, came to Mortimer’s to get their start in Uptown Charlotte. We were pleasantly surprised when they began to draw crowds larger than we’d ever seen before. John Mayer soul meets old school hip-hop meets famous YouTube videos in John Earle’s surprise music montages. Did we mention that their original tunes are as catchy as a Top 40 hit? With this fantastic trio, you never quite know what you’re in for and that is exactly why we love them so!
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Erik Smallwood

Erik Smallwood is a delightful find from Raleigh, NC. He brings more fun and soul to the stage than any local artist we’ve seen in a long time. His bluesy voice, crazy guitar skills, and hilarious antics will leave you with chills and a giant smile. From the beginning of the set until the end, Mortimer’s guests and staff are amazed by his talent and variety of music. You’ll fall in love with him every time the music begins. He makes you sing, dance, smile, and raise your glass with each fun tune. There is never a dull moment with Erik and his homie (percussionist), Neil.
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